CNetRU comprizes of two Laboratories:
The Networks Laboratory (NETLAB) and the Mobile Devices Laboratory (MDL).

NETworks LABoratory (NETLAB)


Dr. Chrysostomos Chrysostomou

email: ch.chrysostomou@frederick.ac.cy
website: http://staff.frederick.ac.cy/com.chc


Dr. George Hadjichristofi

email: com.hg@frederick.ac.cy
website: http://staff.frederick.ac.cy/com.hg

Research Activities:

Wired, mobile/wireless computer networks and communication systems:

  • Quality of Service/Experience in wired/wireless/mobile networks
  • Machine-to-Machine communications
  • Internet-of-Things (IoT) architectures
  • Ubiquitous computing and smart environments
  • Sensor and Vehicular networks
  • Trust models, Dynamic key management, and Risk management
  • Intelligent Control, Multi-objective optimization and Constraint handling


Contact Info: email: netlab@frederick.ac.cy
website: http://netlab.frederick.ac.cy


Mobile Devices Laboratory (MDL)


Dr. Andreas Constantinides

email: com.ca@frederick.ac.cy
website: http://staff.frederick.ac.cy/com.ca

Research Activities:

  • Smart Devices
  • Games & Natural Interaction Devices
  • Web & Social Media

    Contact Info: email: mdl-lab@frederick.ac.cy
    website: http://mdl.frederick.ac.cy

    Details regarding the laboratories can be found at the websites of the NETLAB and MDL laboratories.

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